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Maybank2u Biz provides you real-time account balance checking, funds transfer, bills payment and uploading of bulk payment files. This dedicated solution is simple, user-friendly, and can be accessed via internet banking and mobile banking connection.


Service TypeAvailable 
Account Summary*
  • Account details
    • Recent transactions
    • Transaction history (last 60 days)
    • M2U Biz History (last 30 days)
Fund Transfer
  • Own Account Transfer 
  • Open 3rd Party Transfer
  • Favourite 3rd Party Transfer*
  • Future Transfer to Own Account
  • Future Transfer to 3rd Party Account
  • Cancel Future Payment
  • Open DuitNow Transfer
  • Favourite DuitNow Transfer
Bill Payment
  • Open Bill Payment
  • Favourite Bill Payment*
  • Future Bill Payment
  • Cancel Future Bill Payment
  • JomPay
Bills & Statement (eStatement)
  • Account statement
    • Advices & Notices
    • Bills (TNB, Telekom)
Cheque Services
  • Check Cheque status
    • Stop Cheque
    • Request for Cheque Book
Interbank Fund Transfer
  • Open Interbank GIRO (IBG) Transfer 
  • Favourite Interbank GIRO (IBG) Transfer*
  • Favourite foreign telegraphic transfer (FTT)

Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB)

  • Key in and add ASNB account records to register via Maybank2u Biz by Maker for Checker’s approval before you perform multiple transfers.
  • View Status of ASNB Registration and Transfer.
  • Click here to view Step-by-Step for Registration and Transfer Guide.  

Bulk Payment by Entries and File Upload
  1. By Entries
    Key in and save payment records via Maybank2u Biz by Maker and submit to Checker for approval
    Click here to watch the step-by-step video on how to register.
  2. By file upload
    Download Payment Template via Maybank2u Biz by “Maker”
    Upload Payment Template via Maybank2u Biz by “Maker” (in one upload instruction) and with subsequent approval by “Checker” to effect payment

Maybank AutoCredit (MAS) Bulk Payment
  1. Upload Maybank AutoCredit** payment file
    Upload by “Checker” in bulk (in one upload instruction) to effect payment
    Bill Payment & Transfers (Applicable to Sage file only)
  2. Upload Sage*** bill payment & funds transfer file
    Upload by "Maker" in bulk (in one upload instruction) and with subsequent approval by "Checker" item by item to effect payment


  • These selected services can also be accessed via M2u Biz Mobile Banking.
  • ** Click here to know more about Maybank AutoCredit.
  • *** Applicable to Sage customers only
  • Transactions
Transaction Type Daily Transaction LimitMaximum Favourite Accounts
3rd Party Funds Transfer with Maybank RM50,000 50 accounts
Favourite Interbank GIRO (IBG)  RM50,000 50 accounts
Favourite Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (FTT) RM49,999 40 accounts
  • Access
Transaction Type Roles
Viewer The user can view the account details only
Maker The user can view and initiate the transaction and the transaction will be sent to Checker for approval
Checker The user can view, approve transaction initiated by Maker and upload Maybank AutoCredit file only

Transaction Limit & Maximum Number of Records/Recipients for Bulk Payment

Bulk payment typeTransaction LimitNo. of Records
Bulk Payment (By Entries) RM250,000 Per submission 50 records
Bulk Payment (By File Upload) RM250,000 Per submission 100 records



  • Each appointed User can hold one access type only.
  • You can choose all or any one of the access type, but appointment of a Maker must be accompanied with a Checker (for Club, Society and Association) minimum 2 Checkers to be appointed).
  • Total combination of 5 Users.




  • Private Limited Company/Sdn Bhd
  • Partnership
  • Professional
  • Club, Society and Association
  • Government Educational Institution

Note: Sole Proprietor is advised to apply for

Demo Links:

Click here for Checker Demo Link

Click here for Maker Demo Link

Click here for Viewer Demo Link



Fees and FAQ

Subscription Fees

  • No subscription or monthly fee.
  • Transaction Fee:-

    Transaction Type

    Internet Banking

    Bulk Payment

    RM0.50 per transaction

    Foreign Telegraphic Transfer

    RM10 per transaction

Click here for FAQ – M2U Biz Bulk Payment

How to Apply

Note : Include the photocopy of the User Identification Card (NRIC).

  • Visit and present the duly completed and executed documents to the home branch, the branch where your Maybank account is maintained.
  • Please ensure that the identified Users are present at the branch to receive the Access Number, which will be issued on the spot for their first time login.

Click here for Maybank2u Biz Terms and Conditions

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