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Money Market Deposit (MMD)

A short term deposit product which earns you interest at an agreed tenor and rate based on the sum of money deposited

Features of MMD

  • Flexibility with a tenor that ranges from 1 day to 1 year
  • Depositors have the option to retire the placement earlier should they need the funds prior to maturity.
  • Minimum deposit of RM100,000.
  • Applicable to both individuals and corporates.
  • Computation of Interest shall be based on the number of days within the term of the deposit.
  • Pre-upliftment is allowed (subject to rate adjustment).
  • Placements may be transacted at any of our Malaysian Maybank branches.


  • Eligible for protection by PIDM (product code 0027CR0700000002)
  • Higher interest rate than a normal savings account
  • Short tenor (minimum 1 day)


  • Minimum deposit RM100,000
  • Available to both individuals and corporates
  • Minimum tenor 1 day, maximum tenor 1 year

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