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Transaction Authorisation Code TAC

Why do I need a TAC?

TAC is compulsory for specific transactions because it provides an additional layer of security to protect you against unauthorised access to your account.

Is TAC the same as the Internet Banking PIN?

No, it's different. Your Internet Banking PIN, which is issued at the Branch, allows you to register for The TAC is not used for login but only for specific transactions and types of activities.

How much time do I have before my TAC expires?

For your online banking safety, your TAC can now only be used while you are still logged on to Your TAC will expire immediately each time you logout.

Can I request for TAC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

You can request for TAC via, anytime - 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

*Kawanku Phone Banking - Only for sole prop. customers registered for Kawanku Phone Banking.

Can I request for a TAC at the bank branch or via email to or by calling the Call Centre?

No, you can only request for a TAC using Maybank2u (your TAC will be sent via SMS to your mobile phone)

Which is the easiest way to get a TAC?

Making a TAC request via is probably the most convenient as your TAC will be sent via SMS to your mobile phone. You will have to register your mobile phone number for TAC in advance at any Maybank Branch.

How do I request for TAC if I'm overseas?

You can request for a TAC at and it will be sent to you by SMS if you have pre-registered your mobile phone number at the Branch before leaving the country.

I have a sole proprietorship account. How do I request for TAC?

  • Make your TAC request via Kawanku Phone Banking (sole proprietorship business), or
  • Register your preferred mobile number via Phone Banking to request for TAC at and receive it via SMS thru mobile phone (sole proprietorship personal).

Note: You must apply for Phone Banking if you do not have this service currently.

Will I need a TAC each time I login to

TAC is only required for specific transactions. One TAC can be used to register multiple 3rd party accounts and bills. Subsequently, you will not require a TAC for these pre-registered transactions. You will only need to request for a new TAC to add new accounts and bills or to make ad hoc transfers.

Do I need a TAC for every transaction?

Yes because you can only use one (1) TAC for only one (1) transaction or request.

Can I request for two or more TACs and use them?

You may, but the latest TAC will immediately override the earlier one for security, therefore only one TAC will be valid at any time.

Is Maybank the only bank to implement the TAC security procedure?

Maybank is the first Malaysian bank to implement the TAC as part of our commitment to our customers to maintain the best industry practices. TAC has been successfully introduced for Internet Banking in Singapore.

Can I cancel or deactivate my TAC?

Yes. You can just delete or ignore the SMS that consist the TAC information.

I lost my TAC / I forgot the TAC / My TAC has expired!

Make a request for a new TAC via or *Kawanku Phone Banking.

*For sole prop. customers registered for Kawanku Phone Banking only.

How many mobile phone numbers can I register for TAC?

You may only register one number.

Can I register my mobile number for TAC via

No, you cannot. Your mobile number registration for TAC can only be done at the Branch for security purposes.

Can I register a foreign mobile phone number?

TAC access is only available to Malaysian registered mobile phones with international call roaming service - 012, 019, 013, 014, 016, 017, 010 and 018.

Can I use the same mobile number that I registered for SMS Alerts/Maybank-Maxis Mobile Financial Services?

Yes, but you will have to register your mobile number again at a Maybank Branch. You will not be able to register your mobile phone number for TAC at

How do I change my mobile number for TAC?

Just register your new number at the nearest ATM or Maybank branch.

Can I request for TAC using my mobile phone (SMS)?

No. Your TAC request must be done via You can only receive TAC via SMS, sent to the mobile phone number you registered.

Is there a charge for TAC via mobile phone (SMS)?

It is available free of charge for a limited period.

How long does it take to receive TAC via mobile phone (SMS)?

The delivery time depends on the traffic volume of your mobile service provider.

I entered my TAC as requested but got an error message.

You may receive an "error" message for the following reasons:

  • Your TAC is incorrect or has expired
  • You have exceeded the maximum number of three tries
  • You need to request for a new TAC because your login access was previously denied

There was a service interruption/time-out during the transaction. Is my TAC still valid or do I need a new one?

You will only require a new TAC, if you have to login into again.

What happens if I enter a wrong TAC?

If you enter an invalid TAC 3 times, you will be forced to "Logout" upon your fourth attempt. As a security precaution, your TAC will be deactivated immediately and you will not be allowed to log in to on your next "Login". Call our Customer Care hotline at 1-300-88-6688 or +603-7844 3696 (overseas) for assistance to reactivate login access to You will also have to request for a new TAC to proceed with your transaction.

What happens if I suspect illegal or fraudulent transactions from my account?

Please contact our Customer Care hotline at 1-300-88-6688 or 03-58914744 immediately.

How will I know that the TAC number I've received on my mobile is from

All TAC numbers from should be delivered from any of the following shortcode numbers: 

Maxis 66628 / 39628
Celcom 66628 / 39628
DiGi 66628
U Mobile +31 XXXXX

If there is any unforeseen service interruption to any of the telco's platforms, you should receive your TAC from the following authorised longcode numbers:

+ 31 XXXXX