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A safer and convenient way to authorise transactions.

Important update

As part of our continuous effort to enhance your online banking security, Secure2u will be the preferred method to approve the following Maybank2u transactions.


Maybank2u Transactions

Effective Date

RM1,000 and above

9 November 2021

Prepaid reload (any amount)

16 November 2021

Bill payment (any amount)

15 December 2021


Read below to learn more about Secure2u and how you can activate it.

What is Secure2u?

Secure2u is a safer and convenient way to authorise your Maybank2u & MAE transactions using Secure Verification (one-tap approval) and Secure TAC (6-digit TAC number generated on the mobile app). This feature is an alternative to SMS TAC and available via the Maybank2u MY App and MAE app (Secure2u will be available on the MAE app from 25 April 2021 onwards).

Secure2u will be used as the preferred authorisation method on Maybank2u, based on the transaction value and dates below:


Services (Monetary)

Any Amount

Secure Verification

Secure TAC


New 3rd Party Account Transfer


New Interbank Fund Transfer – DuitNow - Instant Transfer  IBFT (Instant Transfer)


New Interbank Fund Transfer – IBG (GIRO)


Western Union


Tabung Haji


Bill Payment


Open Instant Prepaid Top-up


Prepaid Top-up with PIN




Internet Prepaid


One-off Payment







Uplift Fixed Deposit



Coming Soon



Coming Soon


Services (Non-Monetary)

Update Contact Info Email Address


Change Site-To-User-Image



If you have registered for this service, Secure2u will be the default method to approve ALL transactions.

Activate Secure2u via the Maybank2u MY App or MAE app to enjoy a safer and easier way to authorise your Maybank2u & MAE transactions

It’s safer and more convenient with Secure2u

Secure2u pairs your device with your Maybank2u account, offering an extra level of security as all transactions performed can only be authorised on your registered device. Secure2u's unique device binding reduces your exposure to SMS TAC fraud, and the need to rely on Telco network for SMS.

No more waiting for SMS

Depending on the transaction type, you can easily generate a 6-digit Secure TAC from your Maybank2u MY App or MAE app, or receive a Secure Verification notification on your device to approve or decline the transactions. With Secure2u, you don’t have to wait for SMS TAC anymore!

Useful tips

Watch these tutorial videos to learn more about Secure2u!

What is Secure2u

How to register for Secure2u via your Maybank2u MY App

How to register for Secure2u via your MAE app

How to approve transactions via Secure2u on your M2U or MAE app


How to approve a transaction using:

1) Secure Verification

Once you've requested for a Secure Verification, you will receive a push notification alert on your smartphone (this is the device you registered for Secure2u). Tap on the push notification to view your Secure Verification, then ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ the transaction within 50 seconds.

Tip: Make sure you've enabled push notification for Maybank2u MY App/MAE app on your smartphone.

2) Secure TAC

You can get the 6-digit Secure TAC from your Maybank2u MY App by tapping on ‘Secure2u’ on the app menu. On the MAE app, tap ‘More’ > ‘Secure2u’ to retrieve it. Enter the Secure TAC to approve your transaction. This 6-digit number is auto generated every 30 seconds, so make sure the number is still valid when you enter it.

Bookmark this page as we will be updating it with a series of Secure2u tutorial videos and tips that might come in handy for you.

Secure2u is now available on the MAE app

Effective 25 April, you can approve transactions via Secure2u on the MAE app!

If you happen to have both Maybank2u MY App and MAE app, MAE app becomes your go-to app for your all your Secure2u approvals. All you have to do is log in to the MAE app with your password one time after 25 April and start receiving Secure2u notification. No registration is required.


What does it mean for you?

Once you have logged in after 25 April, you can proceed to approve all your MAE & M2U transactions via Secure2u on MAE. To approve transactions performed on M2U web and app, a push notification will be sent to your phone via MAE app. Tap on it, review the details and tap ‘Approve’ to complete the transaction. Transactions performed on the MAE app will not be affected, you may proceed to approve transactions as usual.

If you’re new to the MAE app, here’s how you can register for Secure2u.

  1. Launch your MAE app and tap ‘More’ on the bottom navigation bar
  2. Tap on the ‘Settings’ menu on the top of the screen
  3. Tap ‘Maybank2u’ and proceed to login
  4. Tap to toggle and enable ‘Secure2u’
  5. Confirm your mobile number, ID number and enter the One Time Password received via SMS
  6. Enter ID number and you’re all set!


Did not receive a push notification on MAE app? Follow these steps to retrieve it:

  1. Launch the MAE app and tap on ‘More’
  2. Locate and tap ‘Secure2u’
  3. The approval screen will be prompted
  4. Proceed to review the transaction details & tap ‘Approve’

For added security, you will also need to set up your smartphone screen lock (e.g. biometric, PIN, pattern, password, etc.) to enable Secure2u. Secure2u activation will not be allowed if your device does not meet this requirement.

For more information on Secure2u on MAE app, click here.

Need help on Secure2u? Read on to find out more.

Device/account issue

    1. I have multiple Maybank2u user accounts for both my personal and sole proprietors accounts. How does Secure2u work for me?

      Add your Maybank2u user accounts to the Maybank2u MY App by following the steps below:

      1. Launch your Maybank2u MY App
      2. Skip your login and tap on the hamburger menu on the top left corner
      3. Tap on your username
      4. Tap 'Manage account' then 'Add account' and add your Maybank2u account details
    2. I lost my mobile phone which was registered for Secure2u. What should I do?

      Deregister Secure2u from your lost device as soon as you can via the methods below:

      A. Log in to Maybank2u web, go to Settings > Security > Secure2u > toggle to disable Secure2u; OR

      B. Immediately contact our Customer Care hotline at 1-300-88-6688 (local) or 603-78443696 (overseas)

      You can re-register for Secure2u on your new device without any issue.

    3. I am only banking via Maybank2u web. Do I need to download the Maybank2u MY App?

      For a safer and convenient banking experience, we strongly recommend that you download the MAE app or Maybank2u MY App and use Secure2u to authorise your transactions.

      Maybank2u MY App & MAE app also offers a simplified mobile banking experience with the following features:

        1. Easily access your account, cards & asset overview with secured thumbprint/Face ID login
        2. Perform all essential banking transactions with secured credential login
        3. Experience seamless and cashless payments with Scan & Pay
        4. Apply for essential banking products such as account opening, motor insurance and more

      Together with Maybank2u web, the app is built to enhance your online banking experience anytime, anywhere.

Transaction issue

  1. I was auto-logged out from Maybank2u web when I try to approve a transaction with Secure2u on my Maybank2u MY App / MAE app.

    You may get logged out from Maybank2u web if you've accidentally logged in on your Maybank2u MY App or MAE app (double login sessions). For security purposes, you can only log in on one device at a time, or have one active session.

    For transactions performed on Maybank2u web, there isn't a need to log in to your app to approve with Secure2u. After requesting for Secure2u, tap on the push notification you receive from Maybank2u MY App or MAE app on your smartphone, then tap on 'Approve' to complete your transaction.

  2. I made a transaction on Maybank2u Web and did not receive the Secure Verification push notification. What should I do?

    If you didn't receive a push notification within 50 seconds, please launch your Maybank2u MY App, skip login and tap on 'Secure2u' at the bottom menu. Your Secure2u details will be displayed for you to approve. On MAE app, you can retrieve it by launching your the app,  tap ‘More’ and ‘Secure2u’, the details will be displayed for you to approve.

    On top of that, you could also:

    1. Ensure your mobile data or wifi is working and your mobile phone is connected to a stable internet connection for the Secure2u notification to be delivered.
    2. Ensure your push notification alert is enabled on your smartphone. For Maybank2u MY App, go to your phone ‘Settings’ > ‘Notifications’ > enable M2U MY. For MAE app, launch the app, tap ‘More’ > ‘Settings’ > Notifications’ > enable ‘Promotions’.
    3. Turn on mobile data and turn off wifi or vice versa if your internet connection is still not working.

    If you are still not able to receive a Secure2u push notification, contact our Customer Care hotline at 1-300-88-6688 (local) or 603- 78443696 (overseas) for assistance.

Note that any mentions of MAE app above will be available effective from 25 April 2021 onwards.

For a more comprehensive FAQ, click here.

For further assistance on issues not listed above, kindly reach out to our friendly customer service personnel online via Live Chat.

On page, click on the Live Chat icon on bottom right to start chatting.

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