Get it sorted with the all-new app

Life's about to get even easier. Sort out your spending, savings, cravings and more with MAE! It also comes with your favourite Maybank2u banking features.


Let MAE sort it out

Sit back, relax and trust us on this. We're about to make your day-to-day moments a breeze.

What can you do with MAE?

Sikit-sikit can go a long way with Tabung

Why susah-susah when you can save money easily with Tabung? Whether you’re saving up on your own or with the gang, it’s all win-win from here.

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Bye, budget spreadsheets! Expenses is here.

No need to pening! Tracking expenses should be easy for everyone. Check out how we can make it less of a chore for you.

Automated expense tracker

Makan, shopping, lepak – it can be a lot to track! Get your spending activity tracked automatically, from credit/debit card transactions to your online payments.

Your spending, categorised and simplified

Relax... all you need is one clear view of your spending patterns. With the MAE app, see where your money goes with easy-to-read graphs and clear categorisation.

Add cash transactions too!

Are your usual spots not cashless? We haven’t forgotten about physical cash too. Key in cash transactions by adding them manually.

Makan mana? We've got you covered!

Not knowing where to eat is such a #firstworldproblem. Get on MAE to find the best makan places with the best deals to suit your fancy.

And if you need help deciding, spin the Makan Mana wheel and we'll pick a place within your area for you. Problem solved!


Let's not forget all your favourite Maybank2u features!

Check your banking details.

Transfer funds to any bank and mobile number.

Scan & Pay at over 450,000 Maybank merchants.

Pay bills online or reload your prepaid credit.

And more!
All the convenience of banking on the go.


Say hello to new experiences with the MAE card

Yay, the MAE card's finally here (yes, we heard you)! It comes in an irresistible bright yellow too, making it hard to miss in your wallet. Level up your MAE experience with the card now.

Check out this page for more exciting deals and access to cool events (coming soon).

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NEW! Auto Top Up your MAE card
on the MAE app today

You no longer have to worry about running out of balance on your MAE card. Just set up Auto Top Up in the MAE app and level up your card experience now.

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Win up to RM64 in cash prizes or vouchers with every transaction

Play Arcade MAE-mory to win up to RM64 in cash prizes or vouchers.

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May your patriotic months be filled with victorious MAE-mories

Activate Scan & Pay on the MAE app now for a chance to win up to RM64 cashback every day!

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Shop with the MAE Card and enjoy up to 55% Cashback from VISA!

Pamper yourself with amazing deals when you shop online with ease and convenience from the comfort for your home. Enjoy great discounts from VISA at selected participating merchants today.

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