Customise your investment portfolio

H.O.T Broking 1 (Islamic Financing)

A Shariah-compliant share investing facility that lets you purchase shares in approved Shariah counters listed on Bursa Malaysia with your own funds or through a Share Margin Financing scheme


A short term credit facility offered to a company's eligible employees to subscribe to new shares listed on Bursa Malaysia


For eligible company employees of selected public listed companies to subscribe to shares allocated to them via their Employees' Share Option Schemes

Structured Products

Conventional and Islamic structures provide investment opportunities for those seeking an enhanced yield or additional returns in terms of coupon and interest.


Sustainability, not Charity


A new rate system by Maybank for special rate request.

Money Market

Money Market is available to investors at competitive prices.


Customise your portfolio to meet specific risk and investment objectives via Floating Rate Negotiable Instrument of Deposit (FRNID)/Islamic Negotiable Instrument (INI).

Foreign Exchange

FOREX services include over-the-counter transactions, spot contracts, and forward exchange contracts.

Non-margin facility (SMF 2)

A share investing facility that allows you to purchase shares quoted on Bursa Malaysia using your own funds

Maybank Kim Eng

Maybank Kim Eng is a leading investment and securities group in Asia.


Credit funds in margin accounts (for individual accounts) that will earn interest at prevailing multi-tier Premier 1 rates

Derivatives & Capital Markets

Manage exposure to both interest rate and currency risks through designated risk management tools.