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Maybank QRPay

Make instant, cashless payment with QRPay from your Maybank2u App.

Online Flash Deals with LamboPlace

Campaign Period : 25 September 2020 - 16 October 2020

Enjoy RM8 off when you spend a minimum of RM50 at LamboPlace and select 'Maybank QRPay' as your payment option! Apply the promo code 'QRPAYLAMBO' to enjoy your discount. This deal is valid for a limited time only and while promo codes last.
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Online Flash Deals with BIG Pharmacy

Campaign Period : 28 September - 04 October 2020

Enjoy RM5 (min. spend RM50) off when you shop online at BIG Pharmacy online store for your everyday essentials and select 'Maybank QRPay' as your payment option! Apply the promo code 'FLASH' to enjoy your discount. This deal is valid for a limited time only and while promo codes last.

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Introducing QRPay

Ready for a safer way to pay? Go cashless with Maybank QRPay or MAE via your Maybank2u MY App! Enjoy exclusive rewards when you make cashless payments, and you’ll also get to minimize physical contact.

It’s so easy! Simply tap the ‘QRPay’ icon on your Maybank2u app to activate the camera, then scan to pay. Payments will be deducted directly from your bank account so you don’t have to worry about topping up.

With the new DuitNow QR*, you can now transfer funds to and from any participating banks and e-wallets, or make cashless payments to merchants with a DuitNow QR code via Maybank QRPay or MAE!

Paying with QRPay is also completely safe. Your Maybank2u app is equipped with various security features to ensure all your personal and financial information are protected.

No Maybank account? No worries! Learn more about MAE e-wallet here.

Download Maybank2u MY App : 


*Note: DuitNow QR (also known as Malaysia’s National QR code) is a hassle-free and secure instant fund transfer service that lets you make payments and receive funds by scanning DuitNow QR codes. The DuitNow National QR standard is established by PayNet under Bank Negara Malaysia’s Interoperable Credit Transfer Framework (ICTF).

Step in safely with SELangkah

You can now “step in, safely” when you dine and shop at stores by scanning SELangkah’s QR codes via Maybank QRPay!

Just launch your QRPay on the Maybank2u MY App, scan the SELangkah QR code at the premise, and submit your name and contact details. So you don’t need to download a separate app for contact tracing as you can also use QRPay to make cashless payments at participating outlets!

SELangkah is a sign-in system using QR codes that helps our nation’s contact-tracing initiative. To learn more about SELangkah, click here

Be part of the cashless society

Kickstart your cashless journey with Maybank QRPay today. Setting up is really simple:

Step 1

Download and launch the Maybank App, and select ‘QRPay’.

Step 2

Select your preferred account.

Step 3

Set your payment limit for QRPay.

Step 4

Enter the One-Time-Password sent to your mobile number. You're done!

How to Pay with Maybank QRPay

Scan and pay with Maybank QRPay easily with these few steps:

Step 1

Launch the Maybank2u MY App, and tap on 'QRPay' at the bottom

Step 2

Scan the merchant's QR code 

Step 3

Key in the amount, and tap on 'PAY'. You're done!


You can also have the merchant to scan your QR code to pay.

Step 1

Launch the Maybank2u MY App, and tap on 'QRPay' at the bottom

Step 2

Tap on 'PAY' at the top right corner

Step 3

Allow the merchant to scan your QR code. You're done!

How to Shop Online with Maybank QRPay

Step 1

At the checkout page, select QRPay as your payment method

Step 2

A dynamic QR code will appear on your payment screen

Step 3

Launch your Maybank2u MY App and tap on ‘QRPay’ at the bottom menu

Step 4

Using the ‘SCAN’ feature, scan the QR code on your screen

Step 5

Apply ‘FLASH’ as your promo code and tap ‘PAY’

Payment completed!

A seamless payment experience

Make QR payments to your favourite merchants and friends in three easy ways.

Scan & Enter Amount Manually

Use the ‘SCAN’ feature on QRPay to scan the merchant’s or your friend’s QR code, then enter the amount to pay.


Scan & Confirm Payment Amount

The merchant or your friend will generate a QR code that is tied to the amount you have to pay. Then all you have to do is use the ‘SCAN’ feature to scan that QR code and confirm your payment.


Show Your QR Code / Barcode to Merchant

Tap on the ‘PAY’ icon on your QRPay screen and let the merchant scan your QR code or barcode. You don’t need to enter any amount to pay as that will be done by the merchant.

Receive money in a scan

You can also receive money easily via QRPay! No more passing around everyone’s bank account numbers. Here are two different ways to do it.

They Key In the Amount

Your friends will key in the amount to give you. What you need to do is tap the ‘RECEIVE’ icon in QRPay, then let your friends scan your QR code using QRPay on their Maybank app.

You Key In the Amount

You get to decide the amount you receive. After tapping ‘RECEIVE’ on QRPay, tap ‘ENTER AMOUNT’ to key in how much your friends will pay you and let them scan the dynamic QR code that appears.

Watch how to transfer money among your family and friends with your Maybank2u MY App.

Change your payment limit

You can still change your daily and cumulative payment limit to more (or less!) than RM250 after activating your QRPay. Watch the video below to learn how to change this setting in your Maybank2u MY App.

QRPay at your favourite spots

You can now spend with Maybank QRPay at more than 160,000 merchants and brands nationwide.

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Are you a merchant?

Do you own a business and interested to offer QRPay to your customers?

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