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Maybank QRPayBiz

A faster and easier way to accept payments from your customers using QR code. All at ZERO fee now!

What is Maybank QRPayBiz?

Start receiving cashless payments using a single, unified Maybank QR code from millions of Maybank customers, as well as customers of other banks and e-wallets participating in DuitNow QR. Get paid swiftly, keep your customers happy with a shorter queue time, and receive payments anytime, anywhere.

And as more and more customers are going to cashless in order to minimise contact, now is the best time for your business to go cashless too! You won’t have to worry about touching cash, and you can keep your business more hygienic for your customer’s reassurance. So, what are you waiting for?

Stay on top of your business from anywhere you are with real-time sales tracking and monitoring system, all through your smartphone.

DuitNow QR is now on QRPayBiz!

Maybank QRPay now adopts the DuitNow QR code standard. All QRPayBiz merchants can now accept payments from any participating banks and e-wallets using a single, unified Maybank QR code.

*Note: DuitNow QR (also known as Malaysia’s National QR code) is a hassle-free and secure instant fund transfer service that lets you make payments and receive funds by scanning DuitNow QR codes. The DuitNow National QR standard is established by PayNet under Bank Negara Malaysia’s Interoperable Credit Transfer Framework (ICTF).

How it works

Depending on the nature of your business, we offer two different methods for you to accept payments conveniently from your customers:


  1. Customer self service using Static QR Code
    During payment, customers will scan your business’ unique QR code (either printed, or generated from your smartphone), and they will enter the amount to pay.

  2. Take control of the payments using Dynamic QR Code
    For every payment, you will generate a dynamic QR code tied to the amount you enter, for your customers to scan and pay.


Have an existing POS and not sure how QRPayBiz fits into your business? Get in touch with us as we have a professional team who can offer consultation and integration service.

Time to grow your business with us

More than 160,000 merchants have benefitted from Maybank QRPayBiz. Here are some of our popular partners:

Click here to view more.

Just a few steps to get yourself onboard now

All you need is a smartphone connected to the internet. Follow these simple steps, or check out our onboarding video below:


Step 1

Download and launch the QRPayBiz app. Choose your preferred language.


Step 2

Tap ‘Register’, enter your details and confirm your mobile number.

Step 3

Enter the One-Time Password.

Step 4

Create your username and PIN.

Step 5

Choose your default bank account. You’re done!


I am done with registration. What’s next?

Generate your QR code from the QRPayBiz app on your smartphone to start receiving payments.

  1. Static QR Code

  2. Dynamic QR Code

Need assistance?

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