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Treats Points

What's the difference between this TreatsPoints programme and the one offered under Maybankard credit cards?

Both are similar, except that this has a different spending criteria.

If I make a transaction of RM60, how many TreatsPoints will I earn?

The minimum value per transaction is RM30, therefore you will be rewarded with 5 points.

Can I combine the TreatsPoints earned from my banking account with TreatsPoints earned from credit cards?

Yes, the TreatsPoints earned from the banking account can be combined with the TreatsPoints earned from credit cards with condition that the customer is the primary account holder to both products.

What are the items that can be redeemed under TreatsPoints?

The items are similar to the items offered under the Maybankard credit cards TreatsPoints programme.

If I close my account, will the TreatsPoints still be available?

No. TreatsPoints earned are not redeemable if your account(s) has been blocked, closed, cancelled or terminated.

Will there be any expiry period on the TreatsPoints?

Yes. Effective 1 August 2013, Maybank Credit Card TreatsPoints will have a 3 years expiration period. TreatsPoints earned in a particular month are valid until the end of third (3rd) year of the calendar month. Please find below a sample table depicting the points cumulated and the applicable expiry date:

YearTreat Points AccumulationTreat Points Expiry
Prior to July 2013 Up to 31 July 2013 31 July 2016
2013 1 August 2013 to 31 August 2013 31 August 2016
2014 1 January 2014 to 31 January 2014 31 January 2017

Are payments made to Maybank internal accounts (e.g. Maybank housing loan instalments) entitled to TreatsPoints?

No. Only payments made to third party payee corporations will be entitled for TreatsPoints.