Raiz Investment App

Invest your spare change, automatically from your everyday purchases with Maybank Debit Card


Raiz is an automated investment service that rounds up each transaction from your Debit Card to the nearest Ringgit and invests the change into a unit trust portfolio based on your financial situation and goals.


Android - 5.0 and above

iOS - 11.0 or later

How to install and start investing

  1. Search for "Raiz" from iTunes Apple Store or Google Play Store and install on your phone
    1. Apple Store:
    2. Google Play:
  2. Launch the App and sign up for an account
  3. Follow the guided instructions to link your Maybank Debit Card to the account
  4. Start spending on your Maybank Debit Card, and watch your spare change saved, invested and grow!

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Other information

Go here ( for full terms and conditions.

Go here ( FAQs.

Download the Raiz Investment App from the links below and start investing today!

  1. Apple Store:
  2. Google Play: