Ran out of cash while abroad? Don’t worry!

Now you can make a QR payment even when you're in another country. Just be on the lookout for the local QR codes when you’re making payments. Check the table below to find out which countries this feature is available in.

What is Cross-border DuitNow QR?

Cross-border DuitNow QR is a service that allows you to use your MAE app to perform payments overseas by scanning the local QR code during your travels.

What is the difference between Issuer and Acquirer?

Issuer Bank / e-Wallet

The bank or e-Wallet that is used by customers to make a QR payment

Acquirer Bank / e-Wallet

The bank or e-Wallet that is used by merchants to accept payment


  • Maybank Malaysia (Issuer Bank) empowers customers to make QR payments with Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and China's participating Acquirer banks/e-Wallets.
  • For customers travelling abroad, Cross-border QR payments is only possible if the merchant’s Acquirer bank/e-Wallet enables the feature.
  • This feature is NOT applicable for all QR payments.

How do I use Cross-border DuitNow QR?

  1. Launch your MAE app and tap on the QR logo 
  2. Scan the overseas merchant’s QR code displayed
  3. Key in payable amount in foreign currency
  4. Payment confirmation. Note that the Ringgit amount deductible is also displayed
  5. Authorise your payment if it is more than RM250
  6. Payment acknowledgment. Inform the merchant that payment has been completed

In which countries are “Cross-border DuitNow QR” available for MAE?

It is currently available in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and China. 

Look out for these QR Code services at the payment counter to Scan & Pay with MAE :

Country QR Code

Is there any transaction limit for Cross-border DuitNow transactions?

Your daily transaction limit is RM1,000 or equivalent to RM1,000 in foreign currency or up to the daily limit you've set.

What is the exchange rate for QR payments abroad?

Spend worry free with attractive and affordable FX rates

Please take note of these details

  • You can only select current and savings accounts (CASA) as your source of funds.
  • This service is available on the MAE app only.
  • Please update your mobile device's operating system to Android 9 and above or iOS 13 and above to use the MAE App, click here to learn more.

*Maybank is a member of PIDM. Protection by PIDM is subject to insurability criteria. Please refer to the list of insured deposits displayed at for further details.

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