ASB Financing-i

Get a shariah-compliant financing for ASB unit trust | Financing tenure up to 30 years or age 65 years old.

  • Min financing amount:


  • Max financing amount:

    Up to RM200,000

Features and Benefits

Financing Amount

  • Min financing amount : RM10,000
  • Max financing amount: Up to RM200,000 per customer, at any one time including the balance outstanding of the existing ASB financing (if any), or up to maximum investment amount allowed by ASNB, whichever is lower

Margin of Financing

  • Up to 105% (if inclusive of Personal Reducing Term Takaful (PRTT) and Will Fee (if any) inclusive of any tax (if any)

Financing Tenure

  • Up to 30 years or
  • Up to age 65, whichever event occurs first

Facility Rate

Application via online

  • Any financing amount
    BR/IBR + 1.95%

Application via branches

  • Financing Amount < RM50,000
    BR/IBR + 2.10%
  • Financing Amount ≥ RM50,000
    BR/IBR + 2.00%

Currently Bank’s Base Rate (BR)/Islamic Base Rate (IBR) is at 2.00% p.a. w.e.f. 8 May 2020


Single monthly instalments

Click here to view the monthly instalment repayment schedule

Mode of Instalment Payment

Variable Standing Instruction

ASB Income Distribution & Bonus Earned

Automatically credited into the respective ASB unit holder's account

If you would like to know more about the product, please watch this video:

How to Apply

Please prepare your ASNB unit holder account number and required documents before proceeding with the application.

Required Documents

  • Photocopy of your National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)
  • Photocopy of your latest 3 months pay slip / other proof income e.g.: Bank Statement
  • Screenshot of your ASNB unit holder account number

You may apply through the following:

Maybank2u website


Maybank2u website for non-M2U customers

Maybank App

Fees and Charges

The current fee and charges as per below:


Fees and Charges

Stamp Duty

As per Stamp Duty Act (Revised 1989)

ASNB Certificate Fee

RM50.00 per Certificate

Terms and Conditions

Click here to view Product Disclosure Sheet in English

Click here to view Product Disclosure Sheet in Bahasa Malaysia

Click here to view ASNB Prospectus

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