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Takaful Smart Link

Takaful Smart Link

Freedom to manage your investment according to your financial needs

Why Apply?

Benefits up to the certificate anniversary prior to the 88th birthday of the Person Covered.*

An Investment-Linked Family Takaful plan that is Shariah-compliant, Takaful Smart Link offers:

  • Takaful protection when you are young and able.
  • Flexibility for convenience and control as you grow your family.
  • Diverse Shariah-approved investment funds spanning a wide range of Sukuk and Equity securities.

*Provided the underlying investment funds plus regular contributions are sufficient to sustain charges under the certificate.


You can apply for Takaful Smart Link if you are:

  • Aged 18 to 65 years old.
  • With children at least 14 days old; when they turn 16 years old, the certificates may be transferred to them upon your approval.

Note: All applications are subject to a health assessment and relevant questions pertaining to application eligibility.

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