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Smart Cash & Smart Cash Xtra

Provide financial security for yourself and your family.


Accumulated savings and guaranteed pay-out.

Smart Cash and Smart Cash Xtra are participating endowment plans that provide you with:

  • Guaranteed life insurance benefits.
  • A continuous stream of income over 20 years with only a six-year premium payment term.
  • Potential bonuses.

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A stable financial reserve plan for you and your family.


  • Short term premium payment commitment with essential life insurance protection covering death and total permanent disability (TPD).
  • Receive yearly guaranteed cash payments from the end of the first policy year.
  • Receive a guaranteed maturity benefit at the end of your policy term.
  • Additional sum insured for death and TPD due to accidental causes.
  • Receive potential extra bonuses annually and at maturity, subject to the performance of the fund.


  • Any Malaysians, Singaporeans or Bruneians residing/working in Malaysia aged 14 days to 60 years old (age next birthday).
  • Other nationalities are subject to underwriting.

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