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PremierValue Savers

PremierValue Savers

The plan that maximises your investment allocation while providing coverage.

Why do I need PremierValue Savers?

The possibility of maximising your investments on top of coverage for Death and Total Permanent Disability. You can decide on your protection and investment mix according to your needs.

Now you can make your hard-earned money work harder with PremierValue Savers. The flexible design of this plan ensures that you get better value as compared to most other investment-linked plans in the market place.


  • Better value: This plan has a high allocation rate in the market compared to other investment-linked plans. More money is invested to achieve your financial goals faster.
  • Better control: You decide on your investment and protection mix.
  • Loyalty Bonus of up to 3% of the annual premium upon completion of 3rd policy year helps you achieve your financial goals faster*.
    *If there is no default in premium payment during the first 3 years.

Other Benefits

  • Broad selection of funds to suit your risk profile, investment horizon and objectives.
  • Auto withdrawal on an annual or monthly basis allows you to better manage your funds.
  • Affordable minimum investment of RM100 a month.

Can I apply?

You can apply for PremierValue Savers if you are:

A Malaysian citizen / Permanent Resident
Aged 18 - 65

How much can I be insured for?

You can be insured for a minimum premium of RM100 monthly or RM1200 yearly.

The Basic Sum Assured (subject to approval) is:

In multiple of Annual Premium
Age Band Min Sum Assured (Multiple of Annual Premium) Max Sum Assured (Multiple of Annual Premium)
18 to 25 55 100
26 to 30 50 100
31 to 35 50 100
36 to 40 35 100
41 to 45 35 50
46 to 50 25 50
51 to 55 25 25
56 to 65 15 25

If you are 30 years old and would like to pay a premium of RM100 a month, your minimum insurance coverage is calculated as follows:

  • RM100 x 12 months x 50 multiples = RM60,000

And your maximum insurance coverage is calculated as follows:

  • RM100 x 12 months x 100 multiples = RM120,000

This means if you are within the 26-30 age band, you have the option to choose an insurance coverage between RM60,000 to RM120,000.

Additional info

We understand your need for better coverage. Here are a few add-ons you can choose from to attach to this policy for a more comprehensive plan:

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider (ADD)

ADD will provide additional money should death or dismemberment occur due to accidents, which could happen at any time.

Critical Illness Rider (CI)

CI protects you against 36 different critical illnesses. In the event that you are diagnosed with any of the covered illnesses, you will receive an additional lump sum payment to foot exorbitant medical bills.

Note: All riders are subject to respective terms & conditions.

This web page is neither a contract of insurance nor forming part of it. The precise benefits, terms and conditions and other details are available in the Policy Contract.

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