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Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Debit

Unleash your inner fanatic with Visa Debit

  • Annual Fee:

    No Annual Fee

Please be informed that effective 16th October 2019, we have revised the Maximum Purchase Limit of Maybank Debit Card from RM5,000 to RM10,000 for Classic Debit Card and from RM10,000 to RM20,000 for Platinum Debit Card. Cardmembers may change their preferred purchase limit via ATM & the Maybank2u website.


Kindly take note that effective 9 May 2015, all Visa and MasterCard Debit Cardholders will receive an SMS (Short Message Service) for any retail purchases of RM500 and above charged to their Visa or MasterCard Debit for signature base transactions only. The SMS alert is not applicable for Pin base retail transaction.

This is in-line with the mandatory guideline issued by Bank Negara Malaysia and the alert via SMS will be applicable to the following transactions:

  • Purchase transaction via Point of Sales (POS) Terminals
  • Online transaction
  • Mail Order Telephone Order transactions


  • Shop at millions of Visa outlets worldwide.
  • Use it as your ATM card to withdraw cash locally and overseas.
  • For Overseas withdrawal & purchases, please activate your Overseas flag via Maybank2u or ATM.
  • Set your own purchase limit up to RM20,000.
  • Daily default purchase limit of RM3,000.
  • No income requirement for application, no finance and late charges or annual fees.
  • Use it to pay bills or transfer money.
  • Peace of mind with smart chip security.
  • Track your online transactions via Maybank2u
  • Earn additional 0.10% p.a. interest in Maybank2u.Premier account subject to the following conditions:-
      • The Maybank2u.Premier account is linked to the Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Debit CardMaintain a minimum Average Daily Balance (ADB) of RM10,000 in the Maybank2u.Premier account.
      • Have a minimum monthly incremental growth of RM2,000 in the Maybank2u.Premier account against fixed periodical baseline as below:
        Campaign TrancheCampaign PeriodBaseline
        1 1 July 2020 to 31 Dec 2020 Account balance as at 30 June 2020
        2 1 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021 Account balance as at 31 Dec 2020
        3 1 Jan 2022 to 31 Dec 2022 Account balance as at 31 Dec 2021
        4 1 Jan 2023 to 30 June 2023 Account balance as at 31 Dec 2022


    • Additional 0.10% p.a. interest will be calculated against the monthly incremental growth of minimum RM2,000 up to a maximum RM50,000 in the Maybank2u.Premier account.
    • Additional 0.10% p.a. interest will be credited into the Maybank2u.Premier account on a monthly basis, with the description 'FCB BONUS INTEREST'.

Existing customers may replace their Debit card to the FC Barcelona Debit Card. However, if the existing account is not Maybank2u.Premier, they will not be able to enjoy the 0.10% additional interest rate. To enjoy this benefit, please apply for a Maybank2u.Premier account.

How to Apply?

For Maybank Savings or Current Account holders aged 18 and above

  • Visit your nearest Maybank branch.
  • Fill up the application form and choose Maybank Visa Debit when you open a savings or current account.
  • Existing savings and current account customers can apply or convert to Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Debit immediately.
  • To enjoy the additional 0.1% interest, customer must apply online for the Maybank2u premier account and request to link the Maybank FC Barcelona debit card.

Required Documents

Primary Documents

  • MyKad (IC)/Police or Armed Forces ID Card
  • Birth Certificate and MyKid (i.e for in-trust and minor accounts)
  • Passport (i.e for non-residents/foreigner)
  • Minimum Deposit for Current/Saving Account open:
    • RM250 (individuals, joint & minor accounts)
    • RM50 (with letter of employment)
    • *Please click here for Current Account details and click here for Savings Account details.

Supporting/Secondary Documents:

  • Valid Passport (for Residents)
  • Valid Driving License (for Residents)
  • Utility Bills (e.g water/ electricity/ telephone bills, Quit Rent, Assessment Notice) in the name and address of the customer opening the account.
  • Letter of Confirmation from Employer, Educational Institution etc.
  • Credit Card (if any).

Fees and Charges

Transaction Fees & Charges
First four (4) cash withdrawals in a month at any Maybank ATM Free
Fifth withdrawal and above in a month RM0.50 per withdrawal (charge will be debited directly from account at end of each transaction) *Fee waived if you have a balance of above RM5,000 at time of withdrawal (optional) or single transaction of max withdrawal of RM1,500 and above *Unlimited withdrawal at any Maybank ATM : RM8 per annum
Cash withdrawal at other domestic banks' ATMs RM1 per withdrawal (charge will be debited directly from account at the end of each transaction)
Cash withdrawal at international banks' ATM via PLUS platform RM12 per withdrawal
Non-cash ATM transactions such as e-balance enquiry, fund transfer to any Maybank account, local cheque deposit, cash deposit, etc Free
Retail purchase at merchants/retailers Free
Penalty fee on overdrawn account (for account with OD) RM10
e-Debit at merchant/retailers Free
Sales draft retrieval fee RM15 per copy sales draft

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