Cardless Withdrawal

Cardless Withdrawal

Send cash without any ATM card at any Maybank ATM

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Why should I transfer here?

The first of its kind in Malaysia, this new service by Maybank will enable the Bank's customers to perform simple and easy person-to-person fund transfer payments. The introduction of this Service will revolutionise the way people send and receive money as you are only required to have a mobile phone to receive funds, even if you are not a Maybank customer.

The Cardless Withdrawal Service enables Maybank2u users to initiate a fund transfer to any Malaysian mobile number. Once a transfer is done, the Recipient will receive a secure code via SMS to perform the cardless withdrawal at any Maybank ATM Machines in Malaysia without requiring an ATM Card.

This is a fast and convenient way to send cash funds to your family and friends when they need it the most. You can even use this service to send cash to yourself whenever you do not have your ATM card with you!

Here's a quick look at how you can begin to use the Maybank Cardless Services:

  1. Sender initiates the Cardless Withdrawal function from Maybank2u.
  2. Recipient receives SMS notification. Sender receives withdrawal code.
  3. Recipient withdraws cash at Maybank ATM by entering the codes.

Steps to initiate a Cardless Withdrawal Transaction

Step 1

Login to Maybank2u, click on Transfers and proceed to Cardless Withdrawal.

Step 2

Select Open Cardless Withdrawal and proceed to input required details including the debiting account, the Recipient's mobile number, name and amount of cash to be transferred.before you are allowed to proceed. You need to accept the Terms & Conditions before you are allowed to proceed.

Step 3

Enter TAC and click confirm upon verifying the details.

Step 4

Display status of transactions. The Recipient will be notified via SMS of transfer of funds together with a transaction.

The Sender will receive an SMS with a withdrawal code that needs to be informed to the Recipient.

How will the Recipient withdraw cash at the ATM?

The Recipient will be notified via SMS regarding the initiated transfer. The Recipient will also receive a transaction ID via SMS and will need to obtain the withdrawal code from the Sender. The transfer must be encashed at a Maybank ATM Machine in Malaysia within 48 hours.

Step 1

In order to activate the ATM Machine menu, kindly touch the screen or press the keypad. Select the language after which select Cardless Withdrawal from the Main Menu.

Step 2

The Recipient will need to enter the 16 to 17 digit transaction ID received via SMS.

Example: 1234560122811521

The transaction ID consists of the 6 digit transaction ID followed by the Recipient’s 10 to 11 digit mobile number.

Step 3

The Recipient will need to enter the 6 digit withdrawal code provided by the Sender.

Step 4

Cash will only be dispensed upon successful validation of the transaction ID and withdrawal code.

ATM slip will be produced with the transaction details. 

Note: In the event of any transaction failure and disputes. The complaints must come from the Sender for Bank further investigation.