Pass It Ong

Mark the start of the auspicious Chinese New Year by spreading prosperity and joy to your loved ones with Maybank2u.

Bring more meaning to the festive tradition

This festive season, send money gifts to your loved ones with e-Angpao and share a little light of your lantern by giving back for a good cause through MaybankHeart via Maybank2u.

Send e-Angpao, no matter the distance

Now with Maybank QRPay and MAE e-wallet, sending that generous e-Angpao is all at your fingertips. It’s easy and fun; simply select the recipients from your contact list on MAE or scan the recipient’s QR code, and enter the amount. Account number is not required. Try it today!

How to send e-Angpao (MAE)

How to send e-Angpao (QRPay)

Receive e-Angpao on the go

Give back with MaybankHeart

Giving charity to the less fortunate is an important part of the festive season. Bring the festive joy to those in need by contributing to selected NGOs through MaybankHeart.

List of NGOs:

  • Persatuan Kebajikan Kasih
  • Persatuan IbuBapa Anak Masalah Pendengaran Malaysia (Hear Me)
  • Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation
  • National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM)
  • Persatuan Orang Yang Amat Cacat Akal Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan (SSMH) / Society for Severely Mentally Handicapped (SSMH)

Celebrate with Jewel Rush & WIN Cash Prizes

WIN cash prizes this festive season with Jewel Rush on the Maybank2u App! To earn game chances, just send an e-Angpao to anyone and you can play for cash. Send more e-Angpao to get more chances to WIN!

Click here for Jewel Rush details