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With the Cross-border DuitNow QR feature, international travellers can now make payments using their mobile payment apps at your business, helping them to skip the inconveniences of handling foreign currency. Check the table below for travellers that can currently enjoy the service in Malaysia.

What is Cross-border DuitNow QR?

Cross-border DuitNow QR allows international travellers in Malaysia to use their mobile payment apps to scan DuitNow QR to make payments to Merchants. Currently, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and China users can make payments to Merchants in Malaysia. Look out for these banking apps.

Country Banks
Thailand  Click here for list of banks
Indonesia  Click here for list of banks

*Stay tuned. This feature will soon be open to travellers from South Korea and the Philippines.

What is the difference between Issuer and Acquirer?

Issuer Bank / e-Wallet

The bank or e-Wallet that is used by customers to make a QR payment

Acquirer Bank / e-wallet

The bank or e-Wallet that is used by merchants to accept payment


  • Maybank Malaysia (Acquirer Bank) empowers merchants to accept QR payments from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and China’s participating Issuer banks/e-Wallets.
  • For customers travelling from abroad, Cross-border QR payments is only possible if their respective countries’ Issuer bank/e-Wallet enables the feature.
  • This feature is NOT applicable for all QR payments.
  • For full list of participating Issuers, please click here

How do users pay with Cross-border DuitNow QR?

Customers must scan your business QR code (DuitNow QR code, pink colour) to make payment.

If you’re an existing merchant, continue to accept DuitNow payments! Just look out for customers from participating banks in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and China

  1. Settlement in Ringgit Malaysia
    1. Customers pay in foreign currency while you as a merchant receive in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)
  2. Settle direct to your bank account
    1. Payments will be directly to your bank account
    2. Be worry-free about fake notes or holding of foreign currencies
  3. One flat MDR fee
    1. Get charged the same as your local QR transactions
    2. Note: Maybank QR Pay currently has zero transaction fees until further notice

What do I need to start accepting Cross-border QR payments?

This payment service is automatically enabled for all of our existing Maybank QRPay merchants. No additional registration required.

Please print out the latest static QR code with DuitNow QR branding (pink colour)

Are there any charges for accepting Cross-border QR payment?

No, there are no extra charges for accepting Cross-border QR payment

Will I receive payment in foreign currency or Ringgit Malaysia?

Payment amount will be credited to your account in Ringgit Malaysia

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  1. No upfront / registration fees
  2. No additional hardware / equipment required
  3. All you need is a smartphone and a printed DuitNow QR to start accepting payment from international travellers

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