Reach your goals with Tabung via the all-new app, MAE by Maybank2u

Got something you’d love to save up for? Whether they’re short or long-term goals, hit them all easily with Tabung!


Save up solo

There's nothing you can't save for. Whether it's saving for a gadget or your big day, we've got you covered. Create up to 10 Tabungs at once. Get started by setting a Tabung goal from RM10 onwards.

Save up together

As the saying goes, sharing is indeed caring. Try Tabung with your friends and save with up to 5 people in a group! Just invite your friends and set a goal from RM10 onwards.

Got a Tabung set up? Add Boosters!

Boosters are meant to help you reach your short or long-term goals faster. Check out the many different ways you can reach your goals sooner with the help of these Boosters below:

1. Spare Change

Just like putting loose change into a coin jar, this Booster rounds up your Scan & Pay transactions to the amount you've set and funnels the balance into your Tabung.

Adam activates the Spare Change Booster for his Tabung.

He pays for his lunch. The total amount is RM9.10.

This Booster rounds up the transaction amount to the nearest ringgit (RM10 is deducted from his account).

The extra RM0.90 is placed into his Tabung to help him save for his goal!

2. Scan & Save

If you're a smart deal hunter, here's how you can take advantage of juicy deals from your Scan & Pay transactions. Look out for our Scan & Pay promos. The difference will be saved to your Tabung once you use them!

Nora activates the Scan & Save Booster for her Tabung.

She shops at a merchant and uses Scan & Pay with the MAE App.

Her bill is RM100 but she applies a 20% off promo.

She pays RM100 to the merchant.

The RM20 discount gets deducted from her account and is funnelled into her Tabung to fund her goal!

3. Guilty Pleasure

We want to make retail therapy feel a lot less guilty for you. One wrong can make a right too! Get a certain amount of money channeled into your Tabung each time you overspend on a selected category. The daily spending limit can be customised and turned on or off at any point.

Vina activates the Guilty Pleasure Booster for her Tabung. She sets RM20 to be transferred into her Tabung every time she exceeds her daily RM500 limit in the Shopping category.

She spends RM600 while shopping.

The extra RM20 is placed into her Tabung to help her save for her goal!

If she spends more in the 'Shopping' category, RM20 will be added to her Tabung for each transaction made.