The MAE app lets you bank seamlessly and manage all your lifestyle needs.

Access essential banking features with ease

  • View Your Bank Accounts

  • Transfer Money

  • Pay Bills

Elevate your lifestyle with these features

  • Track Your Expenses

  • Set Up Tabung For Your Goals

  • Split Bill With Your
    Family And Friends

Here’s how your account can be kept secure

  • Secure2u


    For extra security, the Secure2u feature on the MAE app is enhanced with a minimum 12-hour activation period that kicks in when you enable it on a different device. This helps prevent unauthorised approvals.

  • Biometric login

    Biometric login

    Protect your login with an extra layer of security via fingerprint ID or FaceID.

  • One app, one device

    One app, one device

    Bind the app to your device to reduce fraud. This ensures that only you have access to your MAE app on your phone, and no one else can override that.

  • Kill Switch

    Kill Switch

    Easily deactivate your MAE access and block your cards if you suspect you have been scammed. This enhanced security helps protect your funds and prevent unauthorised transactions.

  • Hide wallet balance

    Hide wallet balance

    Hide your balance or transactions on your dashboard to protect it from prying eyes while using the MAE app in public.

  • Instant alerts

    Instant alerts

    Activate push notifications on your phone for banking transactions so you’re instantly alerted of all incoming and outgoing transactions.