Transfer or use FPX to win RM1,000 Shopee vouchers

Transfer or use FPX to win RM1,000 Shopee vouchers

Transfer money online with the MAE app, M2U MY app or Maybank2u website, or check out via FPX with Maybank2u. The more you transact, the higher your chances!

Campaign Period: 22 June - 31 October 2022

How to win

Perform transactions on Maybank2u website, M2U MY app or MAE app (min. spend RM10)

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Pay via FPX with Maybank2u

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Transfer funds to and from your M2U account

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First-time DuitNow ID registration

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Pay for your cards or loans

Notification Screen

Don’t miss the prize!

In the MAE app, be sure to turn on your notifications in the MAE app: MAE App > More > Notifications

In the Maybank2u website, check your "Inbox" to see if you're the winner: M2U Web > Top right menu > Inbox

Transfer easily with MAE
Step 1

Log in to MAE and tap Transfer

Step 2

Transfer to Maybank accounts or other bank accounts

Step 3

Transfer to your contacts with DuitNow


Transfer to pay for your card or loan

Favourite Screen

Make future transfers faster

Making more transfers to this account? Add them to your favourites to skip waiting for Secure2u or SMS TAC each time.


Don't have a Maybank account? All you need is MAE!

Simply sign up for a MAE account via the MAE app to participate. You can pay bills, reload your mobile prepaid, track expenses and more! Make banking easy-breezy with MAE.

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campaign period

Terms & Conditions

  • The Campaign Period is from 22 June - 31 October 2022.
  • Each customer must perform the following transactions on the MAE app, M2U MY app or the Maybank2u website at least RM10 per transaction (limit to 20 entries daily per customer regardless of eligible transaction type) during the campaign period to be eligible.
    • DuitNow Transfer - limit to 5 entries to each recipient per customer
    • First time DuitNow ID registration with Maybank - 10 entries for each customer
    • Transfer to own accounts (i.e. cards, loans) - 1 entry per transaction
    • Transfer to another Maybank account or other banks - 1 entry per transaction, limit to 5 entries to each recipient per customer
    • Checkout via FPX using Maybank2u - 1 entry per transaction
  • Each customer that registered their DuitNow ID for the first time during the campaign period will earn ten (10) entries.
  • Only payment via a valid Maybank current account, Maybank savings account, or MAE account will be deemed eligible.
  • The RM1,000 Shopee vouchers is capped at 137 winners for the entire campaign period.
  • Winners of the Shopee vouchers is rewarded on a random basis.
  • Winners will be informed via push notification on the MAE app and the “Inbox” in their Maybank2u website.
  • Winners will be selected following the date of the eligible transaction made during the Campaign Period and will be announced within ninety (90) days after the campaign’s end date.

View the full terms and conditions here.

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Download the MAE app today