Online Banking Safety Tips

If you suspect you’ve been scammed, immediately call Maybank’s 24/7 Fraud Hotline at 03-5891 4744 or the National Scam Response Centre at 997 (8am-8pm daily)

Online Banking Safety Tips

  1. Manually Key-In URL

Image Verification

  • Only log in if you see your chosen security image and phrase
  • If you see any other Image or Phrase, DO NOT PROCEED
  • DO NOT key in your password if the image is not available or “Loading” or you are required to RE-register your security image and challenge question
  1. Protect you password
  • Do not share your password with others
  • Make you password unique, containing a mix of different character types: letters 9upper and lower case), numbers and special characters.
  • Have a different password for each online account
  • Change your password several times a year
  1. Read carefully before you proceed
  • Kindly ensure you read the service requested for TAC before you key in the TAC number
  1. Check your account
  • Do check your account and bank statement regularly.
  • Inform Maybank Fraud Hotline at +603 58914744 on any unauthorized transaction or any discrepancy detected.
  1. Site authentication
  • Before entering your username and password,
    • Observe the lock icon located next to the browser’s address bar
    • The certificate should only be for and no other websites
    • DO NOT click on any lock icons on the webpage itself.
  1. Update your browser
  • The latest version of several browsers can detect and warn you of many phishing sites. If you see a phishing warning message on your browser, DO NOT proceed.
  • For a safer internet banking experience, always download latest version of your internet browser.