Online Banking Safety Tips

If you suspect you’ve been scammed, immediately call Maybank’s 24/7 Fraud Hotline at 03-5891 4744 or the National Scam Response Centre at 997 (8am-8pm daily)

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Online Banking Safety Tips

  1. Key in URL manually
  2. Image verification
    • Only log in if you see your chosen security image or phrase
    • If you see any other Image or Phrase, DO NOT PROCEED
    • DO NOT key in your password if the image is not available or “Loading” or you are required to RE-register your security image and challenge question
  3. Create a strong username
    • Do not share your username with others
    • Make your username unique, where it consists of between 6 to 16 alphanumeric characters (upper and lower case) with . (fullstop) and _ (underscore) and do not use other special characters.
    • An example of a strong username: M0hD_Fa1z.
    • Have a different username for each online account
  4. Protect you password
    • Do not share your password with others
    • Make you password unique, containing a mix of different character types: letters (upper and lower case), numbers and special characters
    • Have a different password for each online account
    • Change your password several times a year
  5. Use the Secure TAC authentication if you’re prompter
    • To further enhance your safety, you may experience this new authentication layer during the login process on M2U web.
    • When logging in, if you are prompted to provide the Secure TAC number, you will need to retrieve it via the MAE app.
    • To retrieve the Secure TAC number, launch the MAE app, tap 'Secure2u' under Quick Actions, retrieve the Secure TAC number displayed.
    • Enter the 6-digit Secure TAC number and continue to input your password. 
  6. Read carefully before requesting and approving any transaction via Secure2u.
  7. Check your account
    • Do check your account and bank statement regularly
    • Inform Maybank Fraud Hotline at +603 58914744 on any unauthorized transaction or any discrepancy detected
  8. Site authentication
    • Before entering your username and password,
      • Observe the lock icon located next to the browser’s address bar
      • The certificate should only be for and no other websites
      • DO NOT click on any lock icons on the web page itself
  9. Update your browser to the latest version
    • For a safer online banking experience, please ensure your web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices are up-to-date. If they are outdated and incompatible with the current Maybank2u website, you’ll be prompted to update your browser to the latest version or check its compatibility when you attempt to log into your Maybank2u account. Once updated, you can log in as usual.




      52 or higher


      80 or higher


      52 or higher


      39 or higher


      11.1 or higher

      *Updated as of 18 August 2023

    • Some of the latest versions can detect and alert you about various phishing sites. If you come across a phishing warning message in your browser, DO NOT proceed.

Suspect you’ve been scammed?

Immediately call Maybank's 24/7 Fraud Hotline at 03-5891 4744 or the National Scam Response Centre at 997.