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Smart Waris

The most significant promises we make are to our loved ones.

What is Smart Waris

You have positioned yourself for success and it’s time to secure your wealth by

leaving your legacy with Smart Waris, a plan that fulfils your strategy to ensure your heirs and loved ones inherit your legacy.

See how you can enhance your wealth for generations to come. 

Why you should consider Smart Waris

  • Hibah (Gift)

           Protect your loved ones’ future without complex inheritance procedures & as a gift to those who are not covered by Fara’id

  • Lifestyle Maintenance

          Grow your assets & live in greater comfort during your golden years

  • Family Business

          Protect your family business succession planning

  • Waqaf

           Fulfil your charitable intentions

  • Estate Planning Tool

           Source of money for transfer ownership or to liquidate the estate of the deceased


  • Leave a legacy with Hibah (gift) - Hibah will not form part of the estate that is subject to Fara'id for Muslims, and for Non-Muslims, the benefits will not form part of estate and subjected to debts.
  • Additional Death Benefits - Should death occur due to accident, an ADDITIONAL 200% of the sum covered will be paid (if occurs within Malaysia, Singapore or Brunei1) and 300% of the sum covered will be paid (if occurs in other countries).
  • Total Permanent Disability Long Term Care Benefit2. An ADDITIONAL 6% of the sum covered will be payable yearly for up to 5 years3, on top the Total Permanent Disability (TPD) claim.
  • No medical examination4 - Waived if your sum covered is RM4,000,000 or below.
  • Contribute back to society - With Waqaf Benefit5, a donation to a Waqaf body will be made upon death or Total Permanent Disability (TPD).

1Covers up 6 consecutive months. If accidential death occurs after 6 consecutive months, only an additional 200% of the sum covered is payable.

2Subject to TPD prior to age 70, and maximum of RM2,000,000 per life per industry.

3Upon death within the 5 years of TPD claims, remaider of additional fixed cash payout will be paid in full.

4Subject to your health condition and age.

5With additional rider coverage.




Age: 17 years old and above (with coverage up to 70 years old)

Note: Subject to minimum 20 years certificate term for maximum entry

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