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Dynamic Invest

Get maximum returns on your investment.


  • A single premium open–ended investment-linked insurance plan.
  • Coverage of up to 125% of your single and multiple top performing funds.
  • Portfolio includes only the best investment asset in the markets.
  • Insurance coverage of up to 125% of the single premium in the event of death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).
  • Life protection to age 100 (subject to sufficiency of fund value to sustain the policy).
  • Flexibility to switch between funds anytime, or top up upon one year’s enforcement of your policy.

Terms of Application

Entry AgeLife InsuredPolicy Owner
Minimum attained age of 14 days old Minimum 17 years old (Age Next Birthday)
Maximum 70 years old (Age Next Birthday) No minimum age
  • Relationship between Life Insured and Policy Owner must be spouse and children only.
  • Upon the Life Insured reaching seventeen (17) years old (ANB), ownership of this policy may be transferred to him or her, after obtaining consent from the Policy Owner in accordance to the Change of Ownership provision.
  • For Single Premium:
  • Minimum: RM10,000 Maximum: Subject to underwriting
  • For Top-Up Premium:
  • Minimum: RM1,000
  • Single Premium and Top-Up Premium must be in multiples of RM1,000.
  • Open for application by Malaysian, Singaporean or Bruneian nationals (subject to health declaration via proposal form).
  • Applicants of other nationalities are subject to underwriting guidelines

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