Delivering food, fruits, groceries and local support.

From roadside stalls to restaurants in malls, we’ve got them all. Shop local, support a local business with us.

Merchants keep 100% of their earnings.

We charge local businesses


So that you can enjoy

Mark Ups

Because we charge local businesses zero fees, there are zero reasons to mark-up prices. So you’ll get to enjoy the same in-store prices when ordering food or groceries.

Here is the
way to order

You can access Sama-Sama Lokal via.


Download now on

Download now on

5 more reasons to order from Sama-Sama Lokal

Food or groceries can be delivered to your doorstep

No packaging or takeaway charges

Enjoy food and delivery discounts

100% of your support goes to the merchants, we take 0% commission

Payment is as secure as, well, paying through a bank

Who’s on
Sama-Sama Lokal?

Some you’ll recognise by their logos, some you’ll recognise by their taste.
From hawkers, roadside stalls, home kitchens to sundry shops, we support local businesses, both small and big.

and over 18,000 merchants.

We have ongoing promos!

Check out the deals you can get from Sama-Sama Lokal, and stay tuned for more!

Jom, Order from MAE
Jom, Order from MAE
Enjoy up to RM10 OFF Delivery Fees
Enjoy up to RM10 OFF Delivery Fees
Lokal Monthly Deals
Lokal Monthly Deals

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to have a Maybank account to order from Sama-Sama Lokal?

Yes. But if you don’t have one, you can create a MAE account easily in the MAE App.


What is unique about Sama-Sama Lokal compared to other platforms?

Sama-Sama Lokal supports small local businesses by charging 0% commission.


Is Sama-Sama Lokal available in my area?

Sama-Sama Lokal is available across Malaysia. You can access it to check out the merchants in your area.

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