Credit Operations



Credit enquiry received from:

(See note below)


a) Customers



b) Other Banks



c) Credit Card Companies (excluding Maybank Credit Card Centre)

    (whichever is higher)


d) Correspondent banks

Service Charge:

On Client

Within MBB With Other Banks











RM20 per report

Letter of Reference requested by customers:

a) in respect of

Banker's opinion on the financial capability of the customer to support his child's education overseas


b) as reference for customer's application for a travel visa

Service charge: RM15 per letter



Service charge: RM15 per letter

(to debit from customer's account, not to accept cash)


Service charge: RM15 per letter

(to debit from customer’s account, not to accept cash)



Housing Loans and Term Loans for Purchase of Shop Houses

Size of Loan                       Processing Fee
Up to RM30,000                 RM50.00 
RM30,000 - RM100,000 RM100.00
Above RM100,000 RM200.00

Minimum interest charge on ODs with/without facilities

Minimum - RM 5 per month

Penalty Interest on H/L and T/L

1% p.a. on the amount in arrears for late repayment of loan/ interest

Photocopying and certification of documents

- Title, charges, Sale and Purchase Agreement, Loan Agreement, Deed of Assignment, Loan Agreement cum Assignment, Letter of Offer

Service Charge : RM15 per document (for each of the documents listed in the subheading)


Note : SSCs are also to certify only the Bank’s copy photostated from the original in the Bank's possession and not any copy received from the customer

a) Request for Redemption






b) Request for Redemption cum Disclaimer / Undertaking (Bridging Accounts)

Service charge :

1st request – RM500 


Subsequent Request – RM100.00

(to be included in the redemption sum)


1st request – RM50.00


Subsequent Request – RM20.00 


Request for Loan Redemption via EPF Withdrawal


Charges Applicable for Pledged CDS Shares


a) Prescription


- Existing counter in Mayban Nominee's (MN) name

- Counters in customer / 3rd party's name




b) Transfer-in **

Mayban Nominees' Charges #


RM11.00 handling charges per counter, per transaction


0.1% of market value per counter per tran


Min - RM5

Max - RM500


0.1% of market value per counter per tran


RM1.00 p.a. per holding payable in advance


Min - RM5


Max - RM500

Charges Applicable for Pledged CDS Shares (continued)




c) Transfer-out

Mayban Nominees' Charges #


RM11 per transfer counter 



MCD Charges RM10 per transfer 1,000 per transaction

Branch Charges


0.05% of per counter market value



Min - RM5


d) Corporate Action

- Bonus issue



- Dividend


RM11 per a/c per counter



1% of net dividend amount


Min - RM2.50

Max - Nil





Direct credit Nil


RM2.50/ cheque

e) Rights issue

RM11 per a/c per counter plus stamp duty of RM1 per PAL




Request for splitting: 

RM1 per splitting per PAL plus charges by


 Registrar RM2 per PAL per splitting

f) Withdrawal (from CDS to scrip)

Handling charges - *

RM11 per withdrawal per counter

0.05% of market value 

Min – RM5


Max – RM1,000