Mule Account Scam Alert

Dear valued customers,

It has recently come to our attention that mule accounts scammers are using social media such as Facebook to lure unsuspecting victims to ‘lend’, ‘share’ or ‘rent out’ their bank accounts in exchange for lucrative returns or commissions.

We wish to remind our customers to always be vigilant and alert of mule account scams and to NOT ‘rent out’ their personal information and accounts such as bank account, ATM card, internet banking access to such individuals or syndicates.

Personal bank accounts and information ‘rented out’ to such scams are commonly used to participate in illegal operations and activities, and owners of said accounts can be prosecuted under the arm of the law. Upon conviction, any mule accountholder can be fined, imprisoned up to 5 years, or both.

Always keep your personal information and banking credentials safe.

For further information on mule accounts, please visit: