• Elimination of time and cost involved in depositing cheques.
  • Consistent availability of funds on a timely basis.

Steps to perform Interbank GIRO transfer via Maybank ATM

  1. Insert card

  2. Key in ATM Pin

  3. Select "Other transaction"


  5. SELECT "Interbank GIRO (IBG) Transfer/Payments Menu

  6. Select "YES" to continue

  7. SELECT the bank to which the transfer is to be made

  8. Key in Beneficiary account no and SELECT "YES" to confirm

  9. Key in the amount and SELECT "YES" to confirm

  10. Check the details and SELECT ‘YES' to continue

  11. SELECT the account from which the fund is to be transferred from

  12. SELECT "YES" to continue with other transaction or "NO" to end the transaction