Dear valued customers,

We have received several reports on phone call scams originating from China.

The usual modus operandi of the syndicates involves two scammers, one would be impersonating as a representative from Embassy of China and another as a police officer from Shanghai Police Department. 

The scam starts off with the victim being accused with a criminal offence involving black money syndicate. The victim is then required to follow the instructions and reveal his or her Internet Banking details through the phone. Shortly after, the victim will receive an SMS or WhatsApp message containing a malicious link to download a mobile app. If downloaded and installed, this malicious app would be able to intercept any SMS text messages sent to your mobile phone, which means the syndicate, would be able to obtain your TAC number to perform internet banking transactions without your knowledge. 

We strongly advice against revealing any banking details through phone calls or downloading any mobile app from unverified sources. If encountered with this situation, we would advice you to hang up the call immediately and make an official report with us. You may contact our Fraud Hotline at +603-5891 4744 to lodge your report.