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Qardhul Hassan

An interest-free loan or benevolent debt financing contract for which the borrower is not obliged but has the option to reward the lender for a benevolent deed. For example, the Bank may use an appropriate proportion of its disposable funds for what may be considered as the discharge of its social responsibilities through loans to truly deserving customers for worthy economic projects with the underlying objective of support and assistance. The borrower is obliged under Shariah to repay only the principal amount of the loan according to its terms and conditions. The Bank cannot demand the borrower to pay anything over and above the principal amount of the loan, although in Shariah it is desirable that the borrower does so at his/her own discretion



A facility that allows an existing housing loan borrower to take out an additional loan sum from the paid portion of his/her loan after 6 months of prompt repayment on the existing property


The taking over of an existing housing loan from another financial institution. The Margin of Advance given is up to 90% of the open market value of the property


A loan given to a borrower whose property is free from encumbrances


Senior PA

A comprehensive personal accident protection plan catered to those aged between 45 to 70 years old

Shipping Guarantee-i

A Shariah-compliant facility that assists importers in securing delivery of goods immediately before receipt of the shipping documents

SMS & Downloads

An online service that allows M2U customers to send SMSes via Maybank2u.com and download mobile content

SMS alerts

SMS notifications that are sent to customers after they have performed certain online transactions that were 'Successful' or 'Accepted', such as 3rd Party Funds Transfer and Interbank Funds Transfer

Spot Contract

The buying and selling of currency with a delivery of two trading days from the date of transaction, e.g. a Spot Contract transacted on Monday will settle on Wednesday