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Currency Option Contract

An instrument generally used to hedge and manage uncertain future currencies exposure. It provides the buyer (holder) with the right (not obligation) to buy or sell currency at a predetermined rate (strike price) on a specific future date. The buyer of the Option pays an upfront fee (premium) to the seller in exchange for the right featured in the Option Contract


eStanding Instruction (eSI)

A facility that allows you to make periodical funds transfers to your own or 3rd party account(s), interbank funds transfers, payments to selected payee corporations, Maybankard credit cards and Maybank loans

Export Credit Refinancing (ECR)

A scheme by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), with financing via Exim Bank, for promoting exports of manufactured products and approved agricultural products as well as backward linkages to industrial development. Eligible exports must have domestic value-added and/or incorporate a percentage of local content

Export Credit Refinancing-i

A Shariah-compliant facility that finances domestic suppliers and manufacturers who export permissible commodities as per Exim Bank's guidelines and is formulated on Murabahah (cost plus profit sale) and Bai' al-Dayn (debt trading) principles


Self-service outlets where customers can perform electronic banking transactions in a one-stop environment. Currently, these house ATMs, Cash Deposit Machines, Cheque Deposit Machines and Passbook Update Machines. You can also find Forex Booths at selected outlets