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  1. What is Maybankinvest-i?

    There is a growing demand for Islamic financial products and services. As the bank who knows you better, we have developed this facility to meet the varied needs of our customers.Maybankinvest-i is a Share Trading/Margin Financing package from Maybank that is based on the Syariah principles of Murabahah (cost-plus sale). Under this package, we agree to finance your share trading activities in approved Syariah counters listed in Bursa Malaysia.

  2. What are the features and benefits of Maybankinvest-i?

    1. It is based on Syariah principles of Murabahah.
    2. Based on an overdraft facility, it is to fulfill customers' needs in share trading/financing based on Syariah principles.
    3. No commitment fees will be charged on the unutilised amount.
    4. The effective rate is on par with the conventional version.
    5. The rate will be capped at the Selling Price rate (ceiling rate), thus customers are spared from fluctuating Base Lending Rates (BLR) over the Selling Price rate.
    6. Customers can trade through Maybank2u.com, the first Online Internet Portal in Malaysia.

  3. Who is eligible to apply for Maybankinvest-i?

    Individuals aged 21 to 65 years, irrespective of race or religion.

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