My First Car Plan

A flexible and affordable plan with low repayment from RM268 a month

Whether you're a fresh graduate who wants a new car to go with the new job, a government personnel or teacher who wants a new ride, it's never been easier to own a new car. Our My First Car Plan is specially designed for you, making it flexible and affordable, with repayments starting as low as RM268 per month.


Who is eligible?

*Graduate with jobs


*Preferred profession under this scheme

*All terms and conditions are subject to credit guidelines of Maybank.

HP Repayments

Easy Road to your Repayment

Zoom through our fast and convenient banking channels for high speed servicing of your monthly repayments:

Pay via M2U

*Click 'Add as Favourite Payee' link to register your bill as a favourite

Perform Payment via ATM/CDM Machine



Apply for Standing Instruction

Alternatively, you may walk in to any of our branches to make payment.

Payments via M2U for Hire Purchase or AITAB - loan/financing must be in complete instalment amount. Please add payments for any other charges eg. overdue interest or compensation fees with your instalment payment. Partial payments or incomplete instalment payment will not be accepted.

Find out more today at your nearest Maybank Auto Financing Centre or your car dealer.


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