Fees & Charges

List of hire purchase fees for purchase of new and reconditioned vehicles, used vehicles and after sales support services

New / Used and Reconditioned Vehicles

Revised Standard Direct CostCharges/Fees (inclusive GST)
Photocopy chargesRM10.60
Photography cost (for new reconditioned vehicles)RM10.60
Stamp Duty - without guarantorRM20.00
Stamp Duty - with guarantorRM60.00
e-Hakmilik chargesRM3.18
Settlement with another finance company
Inter-branch inspection (if required) - per inspectionRM53.00
Non Home Branch Inspection Transport ChargesRM10.60


After Sales Support Services

ServiceCharges/Fees (inclusive GST)
Retrieval Document
  • Within branch
  • From Offsite storage

  • RM10.60
    Issuance Letter of Consent to JPJ on the change of vehicle engineRM53.00
    Issuance of Letter to JPJ on interchange of registration numberRM53.00
    Photocopy of registration cardRM10.60
    Photocopy of Hire Purchase AgreementRM10.60
    Renewal of Road taxRM10.60
    Issuance of 2 Letter to Customs (at Port) and 1 letter to JPJ for transfer of vehicle/equipment to East Malaysia or vice versa as requested by Hirer (per transfer)RM21.20



    Chargeback Expenses For Recovery Activities

    Starting April 1, 2015 the following charges incurred for recovery activities will include GST:

    The charging of the cost will be done based on the radius :-

    Radius (KM)Charges/Fees (inclusive GST)
    Within 10RM10.60
    Within 30RM21.20
    Within 60RM31.80
    Within 90RM42.40
    More than 90RM53.00


    Cost of Redelivery and Disposal

    Effective April 1 2015, the minimum amount of RM120.00 charged as Cost of Redelivery and Disposal for ALL vehicles that have been repossessed is revised to RM127.20 inclusive of GST. The breakdown of the cost is as follows:

    Description/ServicesCharges/Fees (inclusive GST)
    Photocopy Charges RM10.60
    Courier, Fax and Telephone ChargesRM10.60
    Colour PhotographsRM31.80
    Transport Expenses for inspection of carsRM31.80
    Handling feesRM31.80
    Valuation feesRM10.60

    The cost of redelivery and disposal is merely to cover abovementioned administration costs.


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