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Shariah compliant financing to acquire your dream property in London using foreign currency

Shariah compliant financing to acquire your dream property in London using foreign currency

Obtain your Sterling Pound mortgage facility locally in Malaysia


Explore investment opportunity in London with us, the first Islamic bank in Malaysia to provide offshore property financing facilities in foreign currency. Ease your financial transactions, all done locally, right here in Malaysia.

Features & Benefits

Shariah compliant

Based on the principle of Murabahah (cost plus profit)

Stamp duty exemption for financing documents

Stamp duty is exempted for non-Ringgit instrument under International Currency Business Unit (ICBU) incentives under the Malaysia International Islamic Finance Center (MIFC) initiatives.

Declaration Requirement

Requirement to declare to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is only required for foreign currency financing amount exceeding RM10,000,000 equivalent.

No limit for purchase of overseas property

Don't worry on the lower margin for the subsequent 3rd housing loan/financing as per BNM guidelines on 70% margin of financing for 3rd housing loan/financing purchase locally.

Foreign Currency Exchange Risk Exposure

You have the option to minimize foreign currency exposure via depositing in Foreign Currency Account.

Save profit when you pay more

Extra funds paid for the financing account will automatically reduce the principal and save your profit calculation

No early settlement charges / exit penalty

No extra charges when you settle the financing early

Protection of ceiling rate upon the fluctuation of Islamic cost of fund (ICOF)

Protect your exposure with the maximum claim by the Bank upon fluctuation of ICOF

No Withholding Tax Incurrence

Remittance is not required since both customer and the financing account resides in Malaysia.

More benefits awaits you

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