Eastspring Investments Asia Select Income Fund

This fund provides a stable income stream and an opportunity for capital appreciation

Fund type/Category:
Balanced / Growth & Income

Date launched:
18 November 2005

Min initial investment:
RM1,000 / RM100 (subsequent)

Investment Objective

The investment objective of this Fund is to seek to provide a stable income stream and an opportunity for capital appreciation by investing primarily in a portfolio of Malaysian investment grade fixed income securities and a collective investment scheme primarily the International Opportunities Funds – Dragon Peacock which invests in equity and equity related instruments of corporations which are incorporated in, or listed in, or operating principally from, or carrying on significant business in, or derive substantial revenue from, or whose subsidiaries, related or associated corporations, derive substantial revenue from People’s Republic of China (PRC) and India.

Investment Manager

Prudential Fund Management Berhad

Investment horizon / Tenure

The Fund aim for a high degree of consistency in the long-term performance of the Fund.
(Note: We consider 3-5 years as medium term and anything more than 5 years as long

Investment Asset Allocation

• 10% to 40% of NAV in a collective investment scheme;
• 30% to 60 % of NAV in fixed income securities; and
• Minimum 1 % of NAV in cash or other liquid assets.       

Investment Service Charge

5% on NAV of the Fund

Investment Management Fee

1.5% on NAV of the Fund

Investment Trustee Fee

0.07% on NAV of the Fund, subject to a minimum of RM18,000 p.a. and a maximum of RM350,000 p.a.

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