RHB Emerging Income Fund

RHB Emerging Income Fund (the "Fund") is a wholesale feeder fund under income and growth type.

The Fund invests into Schroder International Selection Fund Emerging Multi-Asset Income (the "Target Fund") which aims to provide income and capital growth. The Fund is primarily suitable for Sophisticated Investors with moderate to high risk tolerance with a 5-year or more investment horizon.

The investment objective of the Target Fund is to provide a variable income distribution of 4% to 6% per annum and capital growth over a market cycle by investing in a diversified range of assets and markets worldwide. The Target Fund aims to provide a volatility (a measure of how much the Target Fund's returns may vary over a year) of between 8% to 16% per annum.

The Fund will be investing a minimum of 95% of the Fund's NAV into the USD AX distribution share class of the Taget Fund and a maximum of 2% - 5% of the Fund's NAV into liquid assets including money market instruments and Placements of Cash.

This Fund is offered in two asset classes to Sophisticated Investors which are the MYR class and USD class.

The Fund is launched on Maybank's Platform on 5 March 2018. The Fund Manager is RHB Asset Management Sdn Bhd and the trustee is HSBC (Malaysia) Trustee Berhad.

Note: Please refer to our nearest branch for more details about RHB Emerging Income Fund


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