TA Structured Income Fund

A fund aims to repay the 90% investment amount at Maturity

TA Structured Income Fund ("The Fund") is a Wholesale Fixed Income (close-ended) fund under Income fund type.

The Fund intends to invest in fixed income instruments comprising a 3-year ZNID issued by a Malaysian bank of investment grade rated at least "A" by RAM or its equivalent which aim to repay the 90% investment amount (including sales charge) at Maturity. The fixed income instruments may also consist of money market instruments to provide liquidity for the purpose of redemptions and to defray the expenses of the Fund.

The remainder of the Fund's NAV will be invested in a structured product which is designed to provide potential annual returns linked to an underlying collective investment scheme investing in equities and fixed income instruments, i.e. the Ethna-AKTIV.

The Fund is launched on 3 March 2016, with an offer period of not more than 45 calendar days from the date of the Prospectus or such shorter period as determined by the Manager. The financial year of the Fund will be on the 31st of October. The Fund Manager is TA Investment Management Bhd and the CIMB Commerce Trustee Berhad.

Fund Information

Please refer to our nearest branch for more details about TA Structured Income Fund.


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