Maybank Financial Institutions Income Asia Fund

Fund Type / Category:
Fixed income fund


To provide regular income through investments predominantly in bonds.

Financial Year End

31 May 

Fund Manager 

Maybank Asset Management Sdn Bhd  

The Trustee

TMF Trustees Malaysia Berhad 

Offer Price during the Initial Offer Period


Investor Profile

The fund is suitable for Qualified Investors*:

*Qualified Investors refers to:

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation as follow:

Distribution Policy

The Fund's income distributions are non-guaranteed and subject to the continuing abilities of the issuers' of The Fund's investments to meet their respective outstanding obligations. Depending on the level of income The Fund generates, The Fund will provide distribution on a semi-annual basis.  


12 month Maybank fixed deposit rate +1.5% per annum.  

Sales Charge per Unit

Up to 1.00% of the NAV per unit

Transfer Fee

RM10.00 per transfer.

Repurchase Charge

Not imposed. 

Switching Fee


Minimum Balance of Investment

10 000 units. 

Annual Management Fee

1.0% of the fund's NAV. 

Trustee Fee

0.04% per annum of the NAV of The Fund, subject to a minimum of RM15 000 per annum and a maximum fee of RM150 000 per annum. 

Minimum Initial Investment

RM10,000 and Minimum Additional Investment is RM 1,000. 

Redemption Period

Redemption monies to be paid within ten (10) days after receipt by the Manager of the request to repurchase.

Cooling-off Period

Unit holders may exercise cooling-off rights within six (6) business days of making the investment. This is however, only available on your first investment with the Manager. 


Please refer to our nearest branch for more details about Maybank Financial Institutions Income Asia Fund.

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