RHB Emerging Markets Bond Fund

The fund aims to provide investors with income and potential capital appreciation by investing in one target fund, i.e. the United Emerging Markets Bond Fund.

Fund Category / Type:
Feeder / Income

Approved Fund Size

400 million units

Financial Year End

28 February

The Trustee

HSBC (Malaysia) Trustee Berhad

Offer Price during the Initial Offer Period

MYR 0.5000 per unit

Investor Profile

This fund is suitable for investors who:

Asset Allocation

The Fund's portfolio will be structured as follows:

Distribution Policy

The fund will declare distributions, if any, to Unit Holders depending on the level of income generated at each relevant period. Distributions, if any, after deduction of taxation and expenses are generally declared quarterly.


JP Morgan Emerging Market Bond Index Global Diversified Index (RM)

Sales Charge per Unit

Up to 2.50% of investment amount

Transfer Fee

RM 5.00 per transfer.

Repurchase Charge per Unit


Switching Fee

RM 25.00 per switch or the difference in sales charge between the switching funds on the amount to be switched, where applicable.

Minimum Balance of Investment

100 unit

Annual Management Fee

1.50% per annum of Net Asset Value

Trustee Fee

0.08% per annum of Net Asset Value

Minimum Initial Investment

MYR 1,000

Min Additional Investment

MYR 100

Redemption Period

Redemption monies to be paid within ten (10) days after receipt by the Manager of the request to repurchase.

Cooling-off Period

Unit holders have the right within six (6) business days which shall be effective from the date of receipt the application by the Manager, to obtain a refund of their investment subject to eligibility.

Please refer to our nearest branch for more details about RHB Emerging Markets Bond Fund.


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