Affin Hwang SGD Income Fund [MYR]

To provide regular and steady income distribution through investments primarily in SGD denominated assets

Fund type / Category:
Income / Mixed Asset (Open-ended)

Investment Objective

Repurchase Charge per UnitThe fund endeavours to provide regular and steady income distribution through investments primarily in SGD denominated assets

Approved Fund Size

300 million units

Financial Year End

31 March

Fund Manager

Hwang Investment Management Berhad

The Trustee

Deutsche Trustee Malaysia Berhad

Offer Price during the Initial Offer Period

MYR 0.50

Investor Profile

Suitable for investors who : 

Asset Allocation

The fund's asset allocation range is as follows:

Fixed income and money market instruments- Minimum 60% to maximum 100% of the NAV of the fund
Equity - Minimum of 0% to maximum of 40% of the NAV of the fund

The manager will maintain a minimum of 75% of the NAV of the fund in SGD denominated asset and the remaining shall be invested in non SGD denominated assets. The manager will also maintain a sufficient level of cash or cash equivalent for liquidity purposes

Distribution Policy

The Fund will distribute income (subject to income availability) on a semi- annual basis after the end of the first financial year


The benchmark will be a combination of twelve (12) months Singapore Banks Average Fixed Deposit Rate, weighing at 70% and FTSE Singapore's Straits Times Index (FSSTI) weighing at 30%.

Sales Charge per Unit

3.00% of NAV

Transfer Fee


Repurchase Charge per Unit

The repurchase charge of 1.00% of the redemption amount is payable by a Unit Holder if he redeems his investments within the 6 months period commencing from the last day of the Initial Offer Period. After the 6 months period, no repurchase charge will be levied. All repurchase charges paid by the Unit Holders will be retained by the Manager.

Switching Fee

2 free switching transactions per calendar year per account when switching between the classes of the Fund.

Switching fees up to 1% of the NAV per unit of each Class will be charge for any further switching transactions

Minimum Balance of Investment

2,000 units

Annual Management Fee

1.5% per annum of the GAV of the fund calculated and accrued daily and is calculated using the Fund's base currency

Trustee Fee

0.08% per annum of GAV of the fund, subject to a minimum of RM18,000 per annum (excluding foreign custodian fees and charges) and is calculated using the fund base's currency

Minimum Initial Investment

MYR 1,000

Min Additional Investment

MYR 100

Redemption Period

Redemption monies to be paid within ten (10) days after receipt by the Manager of the request to repurchase

Cooling-off Period

Unit Holders have the right within six (6) business days commencing from the date of receipt of the application by the Manager, to withdraw the subscription and obtain a refund of the investment, subject to eligibility.

Please refer to our nearest branch for more details about Hwang SGD Income Fund [MYR]

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