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Who can apply

Customers of Maybank Investment Bank Berhad and Maybank Equity Investment Centres trading through M2U Online Stocks with a mobile phone.

Short Messaging Service (SMS) Alert Packages


Subscription fees per month (RM) 

Package Features  

1. Market Summary Alerts 13.20 2 Market Summary Alerts per day 
2. Index Alerts  13.20 2 Index Alerts per day 
3. Order Matchings 66.00 Up to 10 Matching Orders per day 
4. Stock Alerts 33.00 Up to 5 Price Alerts per day 

*You can also select a combination of packages. Enjoy an attractive discount when you subscribe to more than one package.

For more information, please call 1-300 88 6688, log on to, visit Maybank Investment Bank or our Equity Investment Centres.

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Terms and Conditions apply.

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