Mobile Trading

Capitalise on stock market opportunities and be in control of your portfolio while on the move

Mobile Trading

Android Application

The launch of Maybank Investment Bank's Mobile Trading Application for Android devices will allow us to improve the ease of our existing clients' trading experience and for us to potentially attract and expand our client base.

The application also supports some key features that are unsupported by any other stock broking house at the time of this communication in a dedicated mobile trading application within our region, which features Maybank Investment Bank as a technologically advanced institution.


Market Insight

Market Insight Key Features:

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Download the Android Share Trading Application from the Google Play Store now!

User Guides

Android Smartphone User Guide

User Guides with screenshots on how to navigate around the Android Share Trading Application

Android Tablet User Guide

User Guides with screenshots on how to navigate around the Android Share Trading Application


iOS Application  

Mobile trading allows you to monitor your shares and to trade at all times.

With real-time information, our Mobile Trading features provide you with summaries of both the Main Market and ACE Market.

We will keep you up-to-date on the necessary and relevant information, ensuring that you are well-informed of the market's trading activities.

Each account can only be viewed by the individual account holder, to maintain privacy.

This trading platform has built-in features for online security.

MARKETQuick and broad glance at the Main and ACE Markets
INDICESEasy gauge of market conditions
STOCKSIn-depth details of stock activity
FAVORITESBookmarked stocks for easy access
LOOK-UP AND SEARCHPrecise stock search using key words or codes
PORTFOLIOPortfolio management on-the-go
ORDER STATUSView and track order status and details
SETTINGSCustomized applications


What you need

Steps to download the Maybank Investment Bank's Mobile Trading application on your mobile devices:

Step 1Search for Maybank Stocks on the
Step 2Download the application
Step 3Log on to your account and start trading!


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