H.O.T Broking

H.O.T Broking is an alternative Share Trading / Financing package from Maybank that is based on the principle of Murabahah. Under this contract, Maybank agrees to finance your share trading activities in approved Shariah counters listed in Bursa Malaysia

The right way to invest in H.O.T

Maybank H.O.T Broking opens the way for end-to-end Shariah-inspired equities trading.

H.O.T Broking 1 (Share Margin Financing)

Types of collateral**
Margin facility
Trading facility
Total available facility
Approved Shariah shares
1.5 times
1.0 times
2.5 times
2.5 times
1.0 times
3.5 times

1.5 times

1.0 times

2.5 times

H.O.T Broking 2 (Non-Margin Financing)

If you choose to use your own funds to invest, your H.O.T Broking account will be debited on the purchase settlement date (T+3 = transaction date plus 3 trading days) based on availability of funds.

Types of collateral**
Total trading facility
Approved Shariah shares
2.0 times
3.0 times

3.0 times

H.O.T Broking Cash

Who Can Apply

  1. Local & Foreign Individuals aged 21 to 65 years (muslim or non muslim).
  2. Corporations.
  3. Institutions.
  4. Singaporeans and Bruneians under foreign individuals.

How do I Apply

  1. Visit our Equity Investment Centres, Maybank Islamic Branches and Maybank branches
    *Fill up the required Application Forms
  2. Via www.maybank2u.com.my

Documents Required

Fees & Charges

a) Initial Deposit for Account Opening
i) Share Margin Financing: NIL
ii) Non Share Margin Financing: NIL

b) CDS Fee: RM10

c) Stamp Duty
i) Share Margin Financing: Ad-valorem + RM10.00 per duplication of documents

d) Roll-Over Fee: NIL

Equity Investment Centres (EIC)

Our Equity Investment Centres are spread across the country and managed by professional Investment Sales Executives to assist you in your investment needs. Our straight through processing system frees you from the hassle of dealing separately with brokers and banks. And remember to take the opportunity to enjoy the convenience of trading and lower brokerage via our internet banking portal, Maybank2u.com.

For further enquiries, contact our Equity Investment Centres, branches or log in to Online Stocks via www.maybank2u.com.

*Subject to the Bank's Terms and Conditions
**Subject to Bank's capping and any other collateral/security acceptable from time to time

Click here for Product Disclosure Sheet for Share Margin Financing

Click here for Product Disclosure Sheet for Share Margin Financing-i

Click here for Product Disclosure Sheet for Non Margin Financing


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