Nomination (Life Insurance)

How to add a nominee to your Life Insurance policy

The purpose of having nominees is to ensure that the policy benefits are paid out to your intended recipients.

If no nomination has been effected for a policy, the policy benefit would be paid to:

Trust Nomination

(This category is only applicable to non-Muslims)

The effect of enacting a trust nomination would be that the nominees named in your policy would receive the benefits as beneficiaries.

This type of nomination would be applicable to:

If your child/children (minor) are nominated, it would also be recommended to nominate a Trustee, who would in turn receive the benefits on behalf of the minor.

The nominee(s) named under this type of nomination would receive the policy benefits beneficially and not as an executor.

When a person is said to receive the policy benefits beneficially, it means that either all or percentage share as defined in when the nomination was made is payable to that individual(s).

An executor will not necessary get any of the policy benefits but is dependent upon the instructions as stated in the will or other legal documents.

To apply

To add nominees, a completed Nomination Form duly signed is required. (Download PDF form)

To rename/remove

The following forms would be required to carry out the above changes:


It is also possible to nominate yourself as the sole trustee. The benefits of doing so is that you will not be required to submit a Letter of Consent signed by the Trustee / Nominee if you wish to apply for:

Non-Trust Nomination

This type of nomination would be applicable to:

In this instance, the nominee(s) would receive the policy benefits as an executor. They would not automatically receive the policy benefits but would be required to distribute the money to the rightful beneficiaries.

This category is applicable to both Muslim and non-Muslims.

To add

A completed Nomination Form duly signed is required. (Download PDF form)

To expedite the payment of the claims to the intended trustee/nominee, it is recommended to effect a nomination.

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