Premier Cash Refund

Enjoy savings and coverage at affordable premiums.

 Refund of Premium 

Premier Cash Refund Protection Plan

An affordable life protection plan that refunds your total premiums paid.

Why do I need Premier Cash Refund?

Although you already have financial obligations and may not want to be burdened further, you're also concerned about the "what ifs" in life. With Premier Cash Refund, you'll get solid life coverage for a very affordable entry.

What do I get out of it?

You get high coverage from premature Death and Total Permanent Disability with affordable premiums plus full refund of all the money you have paid over the years (excluding loading and rider premium) at the end of your plan.

What are the benefits?

Can I apply for this scheme?

How much can I be insured for?

Thank you for your interest in our insurance plan. You can purchase it by:

• Getting our financial experts to contact you

• Calling our Maybank Group Customer Care at 03-5891 4757

• Or drop by any Maybank branch

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