Takaful Hero 15

If you are the breadwinner of the family, this shariah-compliant plan is for you.

Contribution starts from RM1.10 a day up to RM 206,500 in comprehensive accident coverage including settlement of outstanding car loan, credit card and utility bills


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Takaful Hero15

Maybank is proud to introduce our special new product which has been specially designed to cover the small things in life that matter.

Presenting Takaful Hero15, a comprehensive plan for the breadwinner which provides Personal Accident coverage designed to take care of the most important thing in your life – your family.

Why do I need Takaful Hero15?

As a father, husband and respectable figure in society, we understand that being an everyday hero has its share of family responsibilities. That is why this plan is designed to shoulder part of the burden with you.

What do I get out of it?

You can get up to RM 206,500 in comprehensive accident coverage including coverage for your child’s education, settlement of the outstanding balance of your car loan and credit card, and payment of your house utility expenses. Contribution starts from as low as RM1.10 a day.

What are the benefits?

Can I apply for this scheme?

How much can I be insured for?

This web page is neither a Takaful contract nor forming part of it. The precise benefits, terms and conditions and other details are available in the Takaful Certificate.


Thank you for your interest in our insurance plan. You can purchase it by:

• Getting our financial experts to contact you

• Calling our Maybank Group Customer Care at 03-5891 4757

• Or drop by any Maybank branch

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