Premier PA Plus

Our most affordable personal accident coverage

Starts at RM21.09 a month for coverage of up to RM200,000


PremierPA Plus

PremierPA Plus is our top-selling PA product which provides comprehensive coverage for accidents anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day at affordable premiums.

Why do I need PremierPA Plus?

With accidents happening at a rate of 165,000 per year*, it makes perfect sense for you to cover yourself and your family against accidents. PremierPA Plus offers you comprehensive coverage at super affordable premiums.

What do I get out of it?

You get coverage up to RM200,000 and premiums start as low as RM21.09 a month.

*UNESCAP & UNICEF Malaysia Report 2007, World Health Organisation 2007

What are the benefits?

Can I apply for this scheme?

How much can I be insured for?

This web page is neither a contract of insurance nor forming part of it. The precise benefits, terms and conditions and other details are available in the Policy Contract.

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