Electronic Statement (e-Statement)

Easy access to your Bank Statements, exactly when you need it

Stop shuffling through piles of papers to find the bank statement you need. With our e-Statement service, you can view and print your bank statements anytime.

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What is Electronic Statement (e-Statement)?


e-Statement is the online form / soft copy of your Conventional and/or Islamic Banking Statement of Account. The available channels to view your statements:


How to view?

Via M2U

STEP 1: Login to Maybank2u.
STEP 2: Select "e-Bills and Statements"
STEP 3: Depending on the e-Statement that you are looking for, choose:

STEP 4: Select your preferred account/card by clicking "View"

You can now choose to view, download or print your e-statement from the "View Statement" page.

e-Statement sent via email: 

STEP 1: Open attachment in email
STEP 2: Enter password
STEP 3: Print, save or archive your statement for future reference

Signing up for Maybank2u will soon be easier!

Self-registration available on www.maybank.com.my from 15 July 2016 onwards.


Click here for e-Statements FAQ (Individual)

Click here for e-Statements FAQ (Business)

Click here for e-Statements FAQ (Combined Statement)


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